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This is for anybody who is interested in harvesting their own wood; it took me a while to find a general reference as to how large a spruce tree needs to be (or cedar I guess as well) in order to yield good guitar soundboards. It turns out that apparently a tree needs to be at least 24″ in diameter at chest level (or ~75.39″ in circumference on the outside at chest level on the three, assuming an unrealistically circular tree). Below is an excerpt from a book (I think it’s a book) called ‘Clapton’s guitar’ – this I found on google books and the part in question is at the bottom of page 93.

This is specific to cutting Red Spruce (Picea Rubens), but I’m sure it could be generalized (if not to cedar, at least to other spruce such as Picea Abies/European Spruce).