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So here is the (almost) unveiling of my secret project…..I have been working on a set of open source (yay! free stuff!) blueprints for the lutherie community. Hopefully this set will be even more detailed and extensive than the Les Paul blueprints (see the resources section from the menu at the top for those). I getting close to completing a set of prints for….dun dun dun! An 1882 Antonio de Torres classical guitar.

The plans are being made from photo resources that have been sourced from the Médiathèque de la Cité de la musique (Paris) website, as well as measurements that were actually taken from the instrument which I’ve been able to source from the internet (mostly excerpts form google books). Measurements taken from other Torres guitars from years prior to 1882 are being used as a source for the bracing pattern and neck joint (so while the model is after the 1882, it will actually be a melange of the 1882 guitar body, neck, bridge, and scale length, plus measurements from some other Torres guitars for the bracing etc. which I was unable to find for the 1882 guitar).

I will make these available as soon as they are finished – but until then, here is a preview of the drawing in it’s current state.

Mock up of the 1882 Torres guitar blueprints in progress; I anticipate completion of this drawing within two to three weeks.