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I had wanted to give a go at designing my own guitar for a while, and finally got the gumption to go ahead with it.

It has a strat-inspired body, but the neck is angled like a Gibson guitar (since it uses a Tremolo it will also have an angled headstock – Fender guitars have a flat headstock, which doesn’t make sense because that makes them require string tees which impair tremolo function! Not well thought out in my opinion – but then, they are made to be slapped together with bolts easily).

Started with blueprints – it has evolved since then so it has single coils and a pickguard rather than humbuckers; this is an early speculative drawing. The prototype will have a TOM instead of a tremolo. The name also change from Lucas. A (My middle names) to Newman.

From that drawing I created this 3D concept which I posted a little while ago. Designed in 3Ds max.

I also designed a set of templates which were laser cut in clear acrylic.

Then I went a little bit crazy in an exotic woods store and bought over $300 in Spanish Cedar, Ziricote, and Striped Ebony (enough for three guitars).

Cut the wood which has horizontal grain so that I had some quartersawn neck blanks.

The neck blanks, plus an African Mahogany neck I made with a Gibson headstock – not sure what to do with that one yet.

Then I joined the top to make one board to be glued to the body (this is for #2, the Ziricote build – not the prototype build).

And the completed body in Spanish Cedar – I had sketched up the front with pickup placement, control cavity placement, tenon placement, etc. but this face side was then covered up with the Ziricote top I joined earlier (this was not the prototype body either).

And that is it for the moment…more shortly.