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Prepping the joined top wood so that it can be cut out roughly to shape before beign glued up.

Trimmed out roughly to shape with 1cm or so all the way around as extra width until after it’s glued. Looks like a Strat at this stage! Soon it will be a Strat’s slimmer cousin.

And there we go – trimmed to shape. Still a bit of work to do with some minor repairs from tearout.

Now the neck is in – unfortunately though that is going to be it for this prototype for a while because I need to save money away to fund the build the rest of the way.

I want to use two single coils and a tremolo, which are together going to cose about $250 – so I’m going to cannibalize my other guitar build for parts (tuners, pickups, bridge, tailpiece, etc.) in order to build another J-11 with humbuckers and a Gibson-style bridge. Which means on with the original prototype model now…here is where this is at for now (and still, even though the prototype model is now actually completed as I write this).


At this stage in the build, the body routing is done on this one (this one’s the prototype) šŸ˜€


Fretboard slotted, inlays done; buffed it up as well.