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Made a duplicate of my crown-shaped headstock template so I wouldn’t ruin the plexiglass master template. Hard coming up with a headstock that nobody else has used but I think I succeeded with this one.

Glued on the headplate, then roughed out the headstock on the bandsaw…

Then trimmed it flush with the tempalte & router. Afterward I did the truss rod access hole using the dremel. This will have a TRC which goes up against the nut, probably white MOP from Andy DePaule.

Also sanded the radius on the nut using the belt sander. And here she is! NExt is the custom cut pickguard, and then time to glue on the fretboard. I need to make the shim for under the fretboard as well (since it has an angled tenon and a flat top, the fretboard rises very slightly above the body – I’ll fill the gap with a shim made of darker wood like a scrap Ebony or Ziricote cutoff rather than a piece of rosewood).

And here is the pickguard done.


Worked on the pickguard, but I eventually ended up replacing this one with a shiny one 🙂

Routed the pickup cavities and chiseled the edges sharp so the elctronics would fit properly.

This is the space under the fretboard created by the neck angle. Didn’t realize at the time (should have!) but the angle was a bit steep (even though here it’s angled more than the final product is, still steep).

Anyways, the shim will be glued in to fill the space.

Placed in the truss rod and glued on the fretboard.

Carved the neck and made the nut.

Here it is with the tuners holes drilled and tuners fit; the neck is not glued in at this point.

Did all of the wiring.

Fit the bridge and tailpiece bushings. Glued in the neck and rounded the edges of the body over.

Here is the headstock logo which finally arrived from DePaule Supply:

Routed the headstock and glued in the logo with epoxy dyed to match the rosewood headplate.

And the logo sanded flush with the headplate…

Continued in part IV!