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Here I still have to buff out the rest of the body and install the electronics, then she’s done. just eye candy of the headstock, which has already been buffed to a high gloss (photo doesn’t show it perfectly well).


And the finished guitar! 🙂

Easter decorations watching creepily over the guitar. You can see the bridge is too high here because of the neck angle…other than that, not bad 🙂 Some bugs are expected given it’s a prototype…the neck angle will be almost flat on the next one and it will have a low bridge.

That’s it for this one 🙂

So I finally had time to finish this beast 😛 I am going to finish wiring up all of the electronics tonight, make a nut, and then she’s done 😀

Hand buffing turned out well, it did a great job getting it to a nice finish, but my arms feel like Jello now 😛

Easter decorations watching creepily over the guitar.

Neck Joint & Heel

Headstock & Body Finish 🙂