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So disaster has stricken. The 1882 Antonio de Torres blueprints that I promise…have been lost. Terrible!

What happened is this: When I was saving the document I guess there was an error with the program as it was saving. As a result, the image has become un-openable and thus useless. The saved file was corrupted. After searching online for a considerable amount of time I discovered that the file error is irreparable and the file must simply be deleted (it cannot be opened or recovered).

Luckily I always keeps a backup – but it is a backup from two to three weeks’ ago (to me that amount of time is a lot, given I don’t have much time to work on these prints) and with many details gone.

So prints will take a while longer, probably two to three weeks longer than planned (I had planned to have them done in one week) IF the backup file still exists and it too has not been corrupted. My apologies.