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So I thought that I would post this because when I was searching online I found it hard to find resources on blend pots, but it is very helpful when you want more options on your guitar but don’t want a huge mess of switches. My apologies to whoever created the wiring diagram below, but I can’t remember where I found it. I think it may have been from Stewart MacDonald or another supplier’s website. This is a small diagram which depicts how to properly wire a blend pot. Soooo…..what is a blend pot?

Blend potentiometers replace the switch on a guitar; instead of having a three way switch like on a Gibson Les Paul where you have two pickups and a blend of the two in the middle position, the pot allows you to fade more or less toward one pickup or the other. The middle position is 50% neck and 50% bridge when you have one neck and one bridge pickup wired in. It is important that you get one which is 50% each pickup in the middle, but which retains 100% volume throughout the turn of the knob. My recommendation is to go with a Bourns blend pot. They are well made and have this volume quality; it is also nice to have one with center detent. Aaaaaaand here is how you wire it:

Blend pot wiring diagram.

Source A and Source B are the pickup wires; where you see wires crossing in the center of the diagram it shows that the corner tabs are wired each to the opposite corner; then the output and ground get wired out as normal. And blammo! You have a blend pot properly installed.

Hopefully this is helpful to you! And here is the obligatory eye candy that accompanies every post; this is a guitar I made (the J11 prototype) that has only three knobs – master volume, master tone, and a blend pot to fade between the two pickups. Very clean! No mess of switches and knobs. Cheers!

Finished J11 prototype with master volume, master tone, and one blend pot as the controls.