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I’m putting this in here because I thought it would be a good addition…as much for my own reference as for people reading this. Scrapers are a bit like hand planes: amazing tools to have in your arsenal, but they work more against you than with you if you don’t know how to sharpen them properly and keep them working the way they are supposed to.

Sharpening a scraper isn’t something I find myself doing very often (I really only use it for binding trimming and bringing a rosette flush with the top) so it’s helpful to have a resource here for reference for whenever it’s time to sharpen. This video I found gives a great summary of the steps needed to get a really sharp scraper – the only difference with my method is that after the file I polish the scraper edge using p-400 or p-600 grit sandpaper, then 3M Polishing papers from Stewmac (instead of a diamond stone). On a flat surface this works equally well.