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In order to be able to continue to fund my guitar builds (which is getting very, very tight) I decided I needed to do something – so using the materials I had at hand, I decided to build some handplanes.

This is the first of several planes I plan to make – it’s a Luthiers Plane (a.k.a. Violin Maker’s Plane, a.k.a. Miniature Handplane). This one has a bed angle of 55 degrees, so it should cut really nicely on figured woods. The throat is 3.5 mm, so it should be nice and tight once I get the blade in (that’s measured without the plane iron).

This one has a flat base right now – I may curve it later if I decide to get a curved blade (going to pick up a blade from Lee Valley tomorrow). Blade width is 18 mm. It’s used for rounding guitar back and top braces and other misc. small jobs where a large plane won’t fit (more for acoustic than electric guitar building).

Once this one is finished I’ll either sell it or trade it for some guitar hardware.

I’m going to post an article on how to make these in the future. That’s all for now – cheers!