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I started building a new instrument today – I’m building another J-11. I received some really nice mahogany and rosewood today so I figured this is what I’ll be building. I’ve got enough mahogany to build two guitar bodies and four necks – so I’ll make two mahogany builds, one after the other.


Rosewood fretboard and headplate:

I’ve also got this guitar body that I plan to finally finish. It’s been sitting here for a while, but I didn’t want to give it a khaya neck because it’s too dark. I’ve got lots of really dark Khaya here but nothing that matched in color to this body, which is Spanish Cedar.

This mahogany matches very nicely 🙂

Cut out the first guitar body pieces and glued them up into a single blank.

Cut out the body shape on the bandsaw after gluing, then planed the whole thing. Looking good so far!

Next I pulled out that trusty little handplane.

Cut the neck plane. The neck plane on this guitar will be two degrees, good for a TOM bridge. I’m thinking gold hardware for this one.

This guitar will have the neck angle done like a modern LP Jr – the angle planed, then blended in so it’s subtle and not that noticeable. You can see the angle here.

Carved the neck plane on the ziricote guitar using the same method.

Then smoothed it out with the belt sander. The curvature would be hardly noticeable if not for the dark colored cap which gives it away. Managed to get it quite subtle so it shant be an issue.