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Made a knife for guitar making this week – this one has an O1 Steel Blade and Cocobolo handles w/ brass pins. Right now it’s sharp enough to shave with, and the O1 blade will hold a sharp edge for a really long time.

Turned out alright, but not as well as I had hoped. I got one of the brass pins a bit too close to the end of the handle. As a result I’m selling this one at a reduced price ($25) on Toronto area Kijiji. It doesn’t affect the structural stability or functionality of the blade, but I’m picky. Anyways, the knife:

My apologies – I’ve been posted fewer interesting articles lately and more of my own projects. I’ll try to do a lesson on how to make a knife like this in the future, unfortunately I haven’t had the time to dig up interesting things to write about in lutherie for a few weeks now.