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This is a shout-out to all Canadian instrument builders who happen to visit this blog! Specifically those from Ontario (but also to those all over the world if you are interested in an Online community for instrument-building).

Whether you be the talented (or not-so talented and wanting to learn) weekend warrior or a professional instrument builder, there is a community being started for Luthiers of Southern Ontario – the forum is open to everyone wherever you be from in the world, however the in-person meetings will be held in Southern Ontario, most likely within the Greater Toronto Area.

This website is a place where you can share your work, view other peoples’ work, have discussions about anything lutherie-related, get ideas and feedback, ask questions…etc. In order to participate in the forum you simply need to register a free account and you can begin having discussions on the forum with other members. There are several members already signed up on the forum and the community is quickly growing.

So to anybody who views this – if you are interested in guitar building (or the building of other instruments), this is a great new community where you can go to discuss instrument related endeavors.

To visit the forum I’ve added a link below that you can click.

Or, Click here.

That’s it for now – cheers!