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Somebody commented asking about making planes…so I thought it would be a decent idea to show how to go about making a Krenov smoother fo anybody who is interested in making a wooden handplane.

There are some OK tutorials online, but most of them don’t really talk about what makes a plane good. If you want your plane to cut well there are a few things that are important to know when making your Krenov. In addition, I’m making a plane for a friend (probably from Ebony) – so I will be recording the whole process of making a smooth plane from start to finish. That way anyone who reads the tutorial should hopefully have the knowledge necessary to make a smooth plane completely (from start to finish) by the end of the tutorial.

This will be a small smoother, with a 36 mm blade. I am hoping that the iron arrives later today so that I can get started this evening. I will begin posting the lesson as soon as I receive the iron.