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More progress – this is nearing completion now finally. My fret saw is broken – so I had to order a fretboard from StewMac. Can’t say I was thrilled with how thin it was, but it worked out OK for this. The nut is 40 mm.

I know some of the old Fender guitars were 40 mm at the nut – it’s comfortable to me (the one I play now is 39 mm) but I’m not sure whether to keep this one for myself or not yet. MOP dots are in, I haven’t glued it on yet. I could widen it to 42 or 43 mm but that would require adding binding.

Rounded over the edges.

Pickguard – this one I salvaged from another build. I’m going to make a new one for that build. This one is wired with two gold humbuckers, master volume and tone, and a Bourns blend pot.

Fretboard will extend to cover the tenon.

Used the dremel for the truss rod access. Two way allied-luth truss rod, I prefer those ones. Need to plane this flat to clean it up a bit but it turned out OK.

Also…today was moving day!

Drywall finally finished, painted, etc. – power is up. So it’s finished – the new shop is ready to go. Just need another workbench in there.