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I received a package from DePaule supply today containing the headstock inlays for this guitar.

Set up a temporary workbench in the new shop for doing the inlay work.

I also needed an inlay bit, but didn’t want to wait three weeks for one to arrive by mail – so, following a great video tutorial posted by Freddy Gabrsek over on the MyLesPaul Luthier’s Corner, I decided to make my own bit (his video was on how to make a brad point bit in a non-standard size).

Test cuts proved to be succesful!

I marked out the tuner locations.

Then the inlay is fixed to the headstock using a very tiny dab of CA glue, placed exactly where I want it.

Then I traced around the inlay with a silver pilot marker.

Very carefully pried off the inlay with a chisel.

Here is the result – now it’s just a matter of routing up to the lines using the dremel.

Started with the leaves.

Also got the ‘N’ in Newman done. No pictures but I finished the whole inlay route.

Next up the inlay will be glued in and sanded flush with the headstock. Then I can drill for tuners, get the fretboard on, and carve the neck.