So the handplane build has been completed. I made some slight modifications to this one – because Blackwood is difficult to glue, I added some brass rivets for further stability over years of use.

The story on this handplane is that a friend of mine gave me a nice big piece of Ebony, a piece of highly figured Maple, several pieces of African Blackwood, and some Ziricote – all very beautiful exotic woods. I traded him a miniature handplane for some wood and he brought those along to give me as well for making more planes. I told him that I’d make him two planes from the wood that he brought me – he said to surprise him with what I’ve made, and this is the first one.

Anyways…this is the “wrap-up” to the build. And as mentioned in the last part of the tutorial, here are some test cuts on a piece of highly figured maple – this is probably the most difficult piece of wood I have in terms of planing because it is very heavily figured (pictures do not do it justice – this maple will make a fine jointer plane at some point). It does not have the lever cap in place yet, but still takes nice thin full-width shavings with no tearout. These cuts were taken against the grain.

And the finish left on the surface is glass smooth.

Also some test cuts in Khaya, a much easier wood than the curly maple.