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I’ve been away for nearly a month now for work, and unfortunately it has definitely shown on this blog! Time to get cracking I guess and work on my current projects a bit. I am basically posting this to prove that I am in fact not dead, and that I do still build instruments.

A couple of things have been going on. The first thing to mention is a more personal announcement. I try to steer away from those on this blog, because everybody knows that nobody wants to read about me (rule #1 in writing – don’t talk about yourself if you want other people to read it, nobody cares!). However, I’m moving away – four hours from home. Which means that I will be living four hours from my workshop. As a result, while I will try to keep this place updated as best I can, things will be slowing down for a while (at least until I settle into my new home a couple of months from now).

Secondly…I’m writing some guitar building articles. I know, that’s another personal thing – but I bring it up because I am going to be making some information available for download here for free soon. I am making a lutherie magazine, and designing it completely myself (including all of the typesetting – which means I can include some of the chapters of the E-version in .PDF format here for everyone).

Finally…shop update. I haven’t been doing too much with everything that’s been going on here, but I have made some progress. I have some things to write – mostly about microplane zesters/graters. That will come in a couple of days! Until then, here are some workshop photos to prove that some things actually have been going on here recently. That’s it for now!