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Since my last post saying that I wouldn’t have much time for guitar building until after I moved….it’s become a reality. However I’ve made a small amount of progress here. May arms are going to fall off soon from wet sanding, but I thought it would be worth it to take the time before finishing it completely to string it up and plug her in. Sounds amazing! All of this hardware was taken out of the Spanish Cedar build; the two are identical, even the fretboard wood is the same. It’s amazing to hear just how big of a difference the choice of wood actually makes on an electric guitar. Even though only the body wood is different, this one sounds much better than the Spanish Cedar model. There’s definitely something about the Honduran mahogany…

Also, side note: Later today I am going to post some info on my new favourite tool – which I stole from the kitchen cupboard.

That’s all for now!
~Anthony Murkar