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Well…..I’ve wanted an infill plane for a long time. I’ve been making a lot of planes recently, so I decided that it was time to make one for myself. Oddly enough I don’t own any planes – because every time I make one, it gets sold.

I have one on the go (a Koa smoother) but it’s already got an owner (which is not me). Soooo…..here we go!

I started with the steel. This is cold rolled steel. If I had access to a milling machine and/or surface grinder, I would have gone with stainless (but sadly I do not). The little square and the brass rod to the right are for the Koa smoother.


Lots of time was spent getting the sole made up; everything has to fit together perfectly. There is no room for error.



It’s very satisfying to use tools you made to make other tools! Here laying out the positions for the side pins.


I selected a nice piece of Bocote for the infill. Beautiful grain!


Last but not least…..the Koa smoother, nearing completion. The side pins are now in; I have some final shaping to do (the top right corner is a bit high as you can see here; I wanted to make sure it cut perfectly before taking the time to work on the final shape).


The infill is actually already cut and fitted to the sole. I don’t have pictures of that, will post some tomorrow probably when I get the chance. That’s all for now…..