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Well….I’m done with this infill plane. It was a good learning experience but it’s not going any further than this. I realize I made some mistakes with this plane so there’s not sense continuing – however, I got pretty far with it and it looks fantastic.

The reason I am abandoning it is because it’s the wrong size (brilliant, right?). I made the mistake of purchasing steel sized for a dovetailed plane. Of course, this isn’t dovetailed – as a result this thing is big enough for a 2″ blade (which I will never use and don’t intend on buying). Maybe one day I will order a custom blade from Ron Hock for it. It sure looks good though.

Now that it’s done, I’m going to re-order steel and make a properly sized small mitre plane using the knowledge I’ve gained from this build. Probably it will be all stainless with brass pins.