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Yesterday was soundhole stamp day. Not too long ago, a friend of mine gave me an old mandolin to fix up (which I am still working on). One thing I noticed was that the original soundhole stamp had disappeared. However, knowing the date and manufacturer, I was able to track down and re-make the stamp – I also aged it so that it fit in nicely, and not looks great inside the mandolin.

This got me thinking on the stamps for this build; I decided to age them and use the same process. However, I wanted something really interesting on the stamps, since they will stay with the instrument for its whole life. The metropolitan museum of art has been posting high resolution images of all of their art on their website – so I decided, why not search through and see if I can’t find something really interesting from the 19th century to put on the stamp?

I settled on thee or four images, then narrowed it down to two. Then started work in photoshop on creating the stamp.



These were then printed out, and the paper aged to give the final look.



That’s all for the moment. More updates soon.