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I got started this morning by assembling a handplane, which I needed to carve the neck plane. I wanted to test out an idea and see if it worked, so I used some of the scrap Sapele cutoffs from the guitar body blank to make this. In case anyone else is thinking of trying it, don’t waste your time using a flattened cross pin – it’s not worth the hassle, and using this plane was murder (even with a super-sharp O1 Steel blade). I’ll be using that ebony to make one with a proper steel or brass bridge in a bit.



Laid out the positioning for the electronics, neck mortise, and neck plane.



Afterwards, I went to town on the guitar body with that Sapele plane and finished the neck plane. It’s at 4.2 degrees right now, I’ll make adjustments later to get it where I want once I decide on what to use for a bridge.



Then I began hogging out material with a forstner bit for the routes.



I also had a nice piece of perfectly quartered Sapele for the neck, so I traced the neck outline and rough cut it.


Tomorrow I’ll be starting on the fretboard and hopefully also finish up the routes so I can order electronics etc.