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Hi All ~

I just wanted to share a handplane that I finished working on today. I find I’m making more handplanes than instruments these days (although admittedly I’m not making much of anything for a few more weeks until I have my new shop set up). This one is a general purpose ebony plane. I would say it’s a smoother since it’s intended take fairly fine cuts but it’s pretty good all around as a nice little plane to have in the shop. I will probably end up selling this one after I finish running it through the paces to make sure it’s up to snuff.

It has a very heavy O1 steel iron from Ron Hock – so far I’ve had no issues planing curly maple with it, which is usually my benchmark for the usability of a plane. Tomorrow I’ll test it on a piece of quilted/curly maple consider almost un-plane-able (which I keep as my final benchmark test) to see how it performs…



Since I had some scraps, I also made this lovely little thing to go with it – another drill bit Awl, in striped ebony. I’ve also started stamping my tools with the emblem of an anchor…I think it’s a nice touch.