Well, it’s been a while…I’ve been making slow progress but doing a poor job of photographing it. My workshop is now fully insulated and I’m working on getting it finished off.

With regards to the guitar, I did the frets a while back but forgot to take pics. I cut the slots by hand with a mitre box and a pax fret saw.



Next up I drilled holes for & installed plastic side dots. Normally I use mother of pearl dots but I don’t have any on hand.



Next up was the headplate. This was holding me back, and partly the reason I didn’t work on this for a good while. My headstock shape is very wide at the top and I couldn’t fit a matching ebony headplate for this build. I finally sucked it up and decided just to use Ziricote. It will look fine in the end (actually, it should look great – Ziricote is absolutely beautiful) and it’s a dark wood of close-ish colour so it won’t look out of place.



Of course, I didn’t have any Ziricote wide enough either. So I used a piece that was not quite wide enough, leaving a piece to be filled. I found a colour-match offcut and attached it with CA glue.



Once trimmed flush it looks perfect! After sanding it will be impossible to distinguish from the rest of the headplate.



And here it is as it currently stands…that is my original pickguard from the first prototype. It won’t fit this guitar because I altered the pickup spacing, I will have to make another one at some point.