Open Source (Free) Blueprints

Note: All of the hosting issues I was having have been resolved, and I have switched to a better/more reliable hosting service. Everything should work well now and I will try to continue to keep these available and not let the links become outdated. Thanks to Bruce for pointing that out, I’m not sure how long the links were down for. Links are all functioning properly as of September 25, 2012.

I design blueprints in my spare time – I’ve done four or five sets for guitars and other instruments that I’ve worked on or plan to work on.

I’ve made a few of them available for free. I’ll post more as I make more, there’s just the two here for now (front view only, sorry – the side view isn’t done yet on either, but the 1882 Torres full prints will be done in a week or two). Be patient – large files can sometimes take a while to open. These are all 1:1 scale (full size) drawings, so you can take them to Staples or wherever and have them printed as the engineering blueprint rate (about $10 for a set I’ve found).

I am also working on a Dreadnaught set, which I hope to eventually post.

*Update: My apologies for taking so long but due to some setbacks the full 1882 Torres prints with the side and back view will take a few more weeks to finish.

1882 Antonio de Torres (Work in Progress)

1950’s Les Paul

I’ll also direct you to some free blueprints made by others that are available on the web (I have the URLs somewhere) when I get around to it!

Rosette Cutting Tool

No preview – to open the plans, please click here.

Comments and discussion are welcome!

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